F.A.Q. Frequently Asked Questions
What is the longest duration product development cycle that ISI has worked on?

The longest product development was approximately four years, primarily due to changing scope, specifications, and applying R&D findings back into a course change. .

What is the longest duration project that ISI has worked on?

Our longest Systems Integration project was just over 1.5 years – supplying a retrofit chemical distribution control system into a major semiconductor company’s fab.

What type of companies does ISI prefer to work with, and why?

ISI works with a wide variety of companies across the spectrum of industries. We prefer to work with funded and established entities that appreciate the nuances of Product Engineering or New Product Development. Too often there is a great idea presented, but the inventor or ‘idea person’ is not financially backed sufficiently to bring a product to market. In this era of NPD, qualification, testing, certifications, and transitioning to volume manufacturing can be an expensive endeavor.

What advice can ISI offer to someone that wants to create a product from an idea?
  • First and foremost, make sure that the product does not already exist in the marketplace. This seems like a simplistic answer, but to throw engineering development dollars at something already in existence may not be the most effective stewardship plan.
  • Secondly, prepare the best specification possible for the idea at hand, including materials, methods of operation, target sales pricing, et cetera. The more comprehensive the specification, the easier it is for a firm like ISI to accurately quote the pending effort.
  • Thirdly, ensure that the financial component is covered and funded with margin to spare. “Murphy” is especially alive and well in NPD, and the best laid plans often go awry because of a technical hurdle. This affects both cost and time to market.
  • Lastly, we cannot overstress open and frequent communication between all parties involved. Nothing is worse than an over-budget, non-conforming product not meeting expectations.
What is the most technically difficult thing ISI has ever worked on?

We could tell you, but then……(you know the rest)…

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