Arch Chemicals / Olin Chemicals Container Verification System

Container Verification System


This Container Verification System solution was entirely designed by ISI designed for Arch Chemicals and was utilized to keep an incorrect chemical from being introduced from the Fab chase area into the Cleanroom tool that was processing silicon wafers. It incorporated a Main Controller, multiple Remote Satellite Units, a physical matrix sensor area for the chemical bottles, and a Symbol bard code scanner. A custom database ensured that the chemical changeout was done and cross-checked several ways before a solenoid valve was opened, allowing the chemical to flow. All transactions were time and date-stamped into the database. At the time ISI designed this (1998) the average cost for a “mispour” was approximately $50K, with several industry mispours exceeding $2M in damage when the entire Cleanroom tool had to be repaired or replaced.

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